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You have heard about how exciting the ChampionsTrophy is or already participated in the great #CT2016 and want to experience the spirit of the ChampionsTrophy (again)?

Then this is your chance to take part in #CT2017 and share a weekend full of sports, party and fun with us and other teams from all over Europe! #CT2017 will take place from May 25 to May 28, 2017. If you are still not convinced, watch the #CT2017 Teaser or the Aftermovie of #CT2016.

Participation fees are:

  • 75€ per person without accommodation
  • 85€ per person with accommodation (Please be aware that there will only be a limited amount of tickets with accommodation.)

Both participation fees include:

  • the opportunity to attend all sport competitions
  • catering throughout the weekend
  • entrance to the exclusive #CT2017 parties
  • sponsoring surprises
  • access to public transport

We are looking forward to your participation at CT2017!


How does student accommodation work? What is students’ hosting system (SHS)?

Students from Bucerius Law School (and our partner universities) will provide you with a place to sleep in their own apartments/rooms. This is a great opportunity to meet students from other universities and get to know the other participants on a more personal level.

We will only be able to offer half of the participants a place to stay within our SHS. However, we will reserve rooms in hostels which you can book individually if you do not get a place to stay in our SHS. These rooms are subsidized. You can also book hostels on your own, but we would recommend using these contingents. If there are spots left in the SHS, we will inform you about this and you will get a chance to book these. The SHS tickets will be at a slightly higher price than tickets without accommodation.

If you already know that you will be staying with a friend in Hamburg, please book the option SHS and leave an according comment (even if your friend is not from Bucerius Law School).

Further information will be provided soon!