Welcome on the website for ChampionsTrophy, the annual sports festival at Bucerius Law School!

ChampionsTrophy is an event by Bucerius Law School gGmbH. It is organized by a handful of highly dedicated students, aiming to create the best weekend of your life. Compete at the sports tournament during the day and celebrate your triumphs at night. Show the team spirit of your university and party together with your friends!

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The History of ChampionsTrophy

HAMBURG, May 9, 2004: It is done. Only four years after the foundation of Bucerius Law School, the first private law school in Germany, a little group of students are proudly and suddenly realizing that they actually established a new tradition. On this Sunday morning, this brave organization team successfully concluded the first edition of the sport event “ChampionsTrophy”—consisting of great parties, competitions in several sports and a relaxing afternoon at the Alster lake (and opened by the former Mayor Ole von Beust)

Did they realize what kind of a stone they would get rolling this day?

Starting with 300 participants in the first year, the event became bigger and bigger over the years. 2009 there were already more than 400 sportsmen from all over Europe fighting for a place in the Hamburg edition of the “Hall of Fame”.

In 2013 ChampionsTrophy finally passed the mark of 700 participants.

Although the event was now bigger than ever before, the most famous guest visited us in 2012: Angela Merkel, then and current Chancellor of Germany popped in for a few minutes at the Alster shore to talk with our mascot, the “Bucemann/-frau”.

Ever since last year we are a lot more than a funny idea of a few students. With more than 1000 participants from Germany and Europe, ChampionsTrophy 2015 was the biggest and most amazing edition in the 11-year history of the sport event.

To continue writing this history is our biggest motivation since we started to make plans for an even bigger and more amazing ChampionsTrophy 2016!

We hope to get you into this year’s part of the history!

COMING SOON: Find out more about the progress of ChampionsTrophy since 2004!